Belgrade Weekend Brunch

~Weekend Brunch~

  Saturday and Sunday 9am-1pm



All served with a bowl of fresh fruit!

Banana Bread French Toast-$7.95

Fresh strawberries, lemon curd, and whipped cream

Biscuits and Gravy-$9.95

House made sausage patties, fried organic eggs, and hash browns

Johnny Cakes-$6.95

Traditional cornmeal griddle cakes served with honey butter and smoked ham or sausage patty

Chicken Fried Steaks-$11.95

3 teres major medallions double dipped and skillet fried to medium, 2 fried organic eggs and has browns

Bar 3 Benny-$10.95

Shaved smoked ham, organic poached eggs and green chili cheese sauce on grilled biscuits with hash browns OR vegetarian with fried green tomatoes

Smokehouse Hash-$10.95

Diced smokehouse ends, potatoes, onions, and peppers, broiled pepper jack cheese and 2 organic fried eggs

Outlaw Rancheros-$10.95

Organic heuvos with layers of tortilla, pork, green chilies, and black beans finished with red chili sauce and green chili cheese grits

Roadhouse Tacos-$9.95

2 flour tortillas filled with organic scrambled eggs and your choice of beef brisket, smoked ham, or sausage served with has browns and picante sauce

Breakfast beers -$4

(Since we are a Brewery, we can only serve beer after 10am)


AWS IPA and Pineapple Juice

~Bar 3 Bloody Bier~

Our Cirque Helles Light Lager Bier with Clamato Juice

~First Chair Winter Witbier~

Our Winter Witbier with Orange Juice

Breakfast Beverages-$2

Coffee, Orange Juice, Iced Tea, Sweet Tea